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The Club Wars Battle For Freaker's Ball continues to be the biggest battle of the bands in the Kansas City area.


Below is a description of each round, the scoring, rules and prizes for the Club Wars Battle For Freaker's Ball.

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QUALIFIER: This is the first show bands will play in the Battle For Freaker's Ball. The band with the highest score from the Judges will advance to the next round.  In the event of a tie, a Fan/Audience vote, will be the tie-breaker.

SEMI-FINAL: The band that advances from the Semi-Final will be determined by a 75-25 Judge to Fan/Audience vote.

CHAMPIONSHIP: The winner of the Club Wars Championship will be chosen by a 50-50 Judge to Fan/Audience Vote.     top


FAN VOTING: When fans vote, the rule will be one ballot per person. Band members will not be eligible to vote.  

JUDGES VOTING: Judges will rank the bands as 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Bands will be awarded 10 points for each 1st place ranking. 8 points for each 2nd place ranking. 6 points for each 3rd place ranking. 4 points for each 4th place ranking. 2 points for each 5th place or lower ranking. The average score of the Judges vote will be applied to determine points from the Judges.

SET LENGTH: Unless otherwise indicated, bands will play 30 minute sets at all Club Wars dates.




  • 1st place grand prize will be $500, and 10 hours at Chapman Recording. 36 custom t-shirts from Brown Bear Printing.  Opening spot at Freaker's Ball.


  • 2nd Place Finalist will receive $400.


  • 3rd Place Finalist will receive $300.


  • Remaining Finalists will receive $200.




ELIGIBILITY: For bands to be eligible they must have at least 2 members and be based in Kansas or Missouri.

RE-ENTERING: Bands that are eliminated in the Qualifier Round may re-enter in the Qualifier Round.  Bands that are eliminated in the Semi-Final Round will be eligible to fill a vacant spot in any subsequent Semi-Finals.

Bands interested in playing Club Wars need to contact Jim Kilroy by phone or e-mail.

Jim Kilroy
PO Box 9053
KCMO  64168-9053

(913) 709-1367

Any questions regarding Club Wars should be directed to Jim Kilroy at 913-642-2262 or

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